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Annual Reports

Research Labs at CIM

CIM's fundamental research objectives and underlying philosophy have remained the same throughout its history -- to push forward the foundations of intelligent systems through scientific discovery, to educate new generations of cyberneticists and to apply this knowledge to the development of technologies that address the complex needs of modern society.

The Centre's research program is expressed around four themes designed to reflect the rapid evolution of the sector of Intelligent Systems:

  • artificial perception
  • robotics
  • systems and control
  • human-machine interface

Further information about the research and innovation happening in CIM's labs can be obtained by visiting their respective web pages:

Research Lab Lab Director(s) Location
Aerospace Mechatronics Lab Prof. Inna Sharf & Prof. Meyer Nahon MD 149
Appearance Modelling Lab Prof. Michael Langer MC 337
Applied Dynamics Group Prof. Jozsef Kovecses MC 418
Artificial Perception Prof. Frank Ferrie MC 444
Computation, Visualization and Realization Lab Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi MC 202, 404
Computer Animation and Interaction Capture Lab Prof. Paul Kry MD 453, 456
Graphics Lab Prof. Derek Nowrouzezahrai MD 453, 456
Intelligent Automation Lab Prof. Benoit Boulet MC 503
Intelligent Multimodal Video Analysis Prof. Martin Levine MC 538
Mobile Robotics Prof. Gregory Dudek MC 417
Probabilistic Vision Group Prof. Tal Arbel MC 412
Reasoning and Learning Lab Prof. Joelle Pineau MC 108, 111, 112
Robotic Mechanical Systems Laboratory Prof. Jorge Angeles MC 418
Shape Analysis Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi MC 202, 404
Shared Reality and Intelligent Environments Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock MC 434, 435, 436
Visual Motor Research Lab Prof. James Clark MC 407, 408