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last modified 2006-12-05 11:22

Check this out!

KUDOS to our CIM students

KUDOS to our CIM students and professors!

Please check out the McGill Reporter

Carmen Au, PhD candidate with Prof. James Clark
Stephane Pelletier, PhD candidate with Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock
Abdul Rezzak Selman, PhD candidate with Profs. Hannah Michalska and Vincent Hayward
Peter Savadjiev, PhD candidate with Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi
Michele Faragalli, MEng candidate with Prof. Inna Sharf

have all won special PRECARN funding for their outstanding work in the
field of robotics and intelligent systems.

Thank you Carmen, Stephane, Abdul, Michele and Peter for making us so proud!!!




Please check out to read a really inspiring article on biomedical engineering and Professor Tal Arbel.

This article also features the work of Alan Evans, professor of biomedical engineering, Keith Worsley, professor of mathematics and Bruce Pike, Killam professor in neurology.

Both Professor Tal Arbel and Professor Kaleem Siddiqi collaborate extensively with the above mentioned professors. Scientifically, the results of these collaborations are outstanding AND a source of great pride to CIM!