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 Title   Speaker   When 
Everything's Getting Easier to Use Yet Life is More Complicated Than Ever Bill Buxton 2017-11-17
A Common Information Approach to Stochastic Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information Demosthenis Teneketzis 2017-11-16
Data-Driven Methods for Learning Sparse Graphical Models Somayeh Sojoudi 2017-11-16
Designing for Physics and Play in Computational Fabrication Emily Whiting 2017-10-27
Interactive systems based on electrical muscle stimulation Pedro Lopes 2017-10-27
How does a small brain decide on an action? Tomoko Ohyama 2017-10-25
Interactive Fabrication and Fabrication of Interactive Objects Huaishu Peng 2017-10-20
On the stability and the uniform propagation of chaos properties of Ensemble Kalman-Bucy filters Pierre Del Moral 2017-10-18
Event-triggered remote estimation with packet loss in the presence of an eavesdropper Subhrakanti Dey 2017-10-13
On Recovering Causality Information from Time Series Data Ravi R. Mazumdar 2017-10-10
Building AI-powered Experiences at Facebook Scale Aparna Lakshmiratan, Facebook 2017-10-10
A PDE approach to regularization in Deep Learning Adam M. Oberman 2017-09-29
Attitude Estimation Using Synchronous Intermittent Measurements Soulaimane Berkane 2017-09-25
ARAS Robotics Research: Parallel and Cable Robotics Surgical Robotics Hamid D. Taghirad 2017-09-19
Computational problems in ocean sciences Yogesh Girdhar 2017-09-11
Classifying and Monitoring for Big Data Daniel Keren 2017-08-21
Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, & the Future of Retailing on the Brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Gautam Shroff 2017-08-16
Enabling Autonomy in Challenging Marine Environments Ioannis Rekleitis 2017-08-14
Observers for position estimation using bearing and biased velocity information Tarek Hamel, Professor 2017-08-03
Design, Testing & Integration of Computer Vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Functions Frank Riggi 2017-08-02