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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Sequential Dynamic Teams: State of the Art and Future Directions Aditya Mahajan 2018-03-27
Kalman Filter-Based Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Abhinoy Kumar Singh 2018-03-23
Advancing Control Theory to Advance Robotics Leila Bridgeman 2018-03-22
Mean-field control at cellular resolution Rodolphe Sepulchre 2018-03-20
Human-Centered Autonomy: Uncovering Structure in Multi- Agent Systems Katherine Driggs-Campbell 2018-03-12
Fastest Convergence for Q-learning Sean Meyn 2018-03-02
Optical flow estimation by complex factorization over quadrature feature pairs Yanyan Mu 2018-02-22
Arbitrary-shaped and flexible piezoelectric skin sensor based on Sol-gel spraying technique Kei Nakatsuma 2018-02-20
Farming with Robots Simon Blackmore 2018-02-13
“A Journey through Blockchains” or How Not to Miss the Forest for the Merkle Trees Alex Daskalov 2018-01-30
Deep Exploration via Randomized Value Functions Benjamin Van Roy 2018-01-26
A Mean Field Game - Hybrid Systems Approach to Optimal Execution Problems in Finance with Stopping Times Dena Firoozi 2018-01-19
Dynamic analysis and trajectory planning of cable-suspended parallel robots Clément Gosselin 2017-12-18
3D User Interfaces and Virtual Reality Wolfgang Stuerzlinger 2017-12-08
Robots in the Real World: Accounting for Resource Constraints To Achieve Tasks Liam Paull 2017-12-01
Dynamic Learning in Strategic Pricing Games John R. Birge 2017-12-01
Vahana – by A3 / Airbus – Development of a self-piloted air taxi and its sense & avoid system Cedric Cocaud 2017-11-28
Combinatorial and Multi-objective Online Learning Cem Tekin 2017-11-17
Economizing the Uneconomic: Markets for Reliable, Sustainable and Price Efficient Electricity Demosthenis Teneketzis 2017-11-17
Everything's Getting Easier to Use Yet Life is More Complicated Than Ever Bill Buxton 2017-11-17