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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Imaging Brain Disorders Sylvain Bouix 2019-10-18
On Bounded Solutions of Linear SDEs Driven by Convergent System Matrix Processes with Hurwitz Limits* David Levanony 2019-10-11
Control of Complex Systems: Inverse Problems in Collaborative Robotics Matthew Harker 2019-10-10
Graph Topological Aspects of Granger Causal Network Learning Ryan J. Kinnear 2019-10-04
Autonomous Marine Robotic Exploration Ioannis (Yiannis) Rekleitis 2019-10-03
Stochastic Adventures in Systems and Controls Behrouz Touri 2019-08-20
New Results on Identification and Adaptive Control Using Dynamic Regressor Extension and Mixing Parameter Estimation Romeo Ortega 2019-07-29
Wolfpack Pursuit Meir N. Pachter 2019-05-31
The Quest for Missing Component: Dualities in Hybrid Optimal Control Ali Pakniyat 2019-05-30
Representing Cause-and-Effect in a Tensor Framework M. Alex O. Vasilescu 2019-05-29
Agile Innovation: Strategic Company-University Collaborations Steven Fraser 2019-05-24
Procedural Stochastic Texturing in Unity Eric Heitz 2019-05-24
Towards Robust and Intelligent Robot Motions in Unstructured Environments: Planning and Decision-making Ye Zhao 2019-05-22
Robotic Imaging: Teaching Robots to See Through Different Eyes Donald Dansereau 2019-05-21
Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Mauro Salazar 2019-05-17
Real-time optimal control of endo-atmospheric launch vehicles Riccardo Bonalli 2019-05-15
ClimateNet: Bringing the power of Deep Learning to the climate community via open datasets and architectures Karthik Kashinath 2019-05-10
Team optimal decentralized control of major-minor agents with partial observations Mohammad Afshari 2019-05-10
A Network Game Framework for the Analysis of Socio-technical Systems Francesca Parise 2019-05-03
Optimal Planning and Control of Direct Current Lines in Power Systems Josh Taylor 2019-05-01