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Self-Driving Vehicles: The Path Forward with LIDAR and V2x Technologies Mouhamed Abdulla 2017-01-05
Inverse Problems in Mechatronics: From Calibration and Measurement to Control and Design Matthew Harker 2016-12-20
Are Practical Integer or Mixed-integer Optimization Problems Hopeless to Solve? Peter B. Luh 2016-12-13
Content Delivery for Tomorrow: From Vibrotactile Notifications to Mid-Air Displays Morten Fjeld 2016-12-13
One-Shot Zero Error Network Problems (with and without Solutions) Natasha Devroye 2016-11-28
Underwater Sensor & Actuator Networks - Recent Results & Challenges Stephane Blouin 2016-11-18
On White Noise Stochastic Calculus David Levanony 2016-10-28
A Dynamic Game Model of Collective Choice in Multi-agent Systems Rabih Salhab 2016-10-14
The Large Gain Theorem and its Applications Ryan James Caverly 2016-10-07
A Comparative Analysis of the Optimal Cruising Speed for a Turbojet and Turboprop Aircraft Luis Rodrigues 2016-09-30
Efficient collaboration with trust-seeking robots Anqi Xu 2016-09-27
The Decision Rule Approach to Optimization Under Uncertainty: Theory and Applications Angelos Georghiou 2016-09-16
The Physics and Control of Balancing on a Point Roy Featherstone 2016-09-01
Computer animation interfaces based on traditional artistic tools and concepts Martin Guay 2016-06-14
Simulation-guided Interactive Exploration of Functional Design Nobuyuki Umetani 2016-05-26
Diverse Particle Selection for Inference in Continuous Graphical Models Jason Pacheco 2016-05-25
Beyond Traditional Computer Vision Jean-Charles Bazin 2016-05-16
Coding Schemes For Limited Communication in Decentralized Resource Allocation Chinwendu Enyioha 2016-04-01
Visual Perception through Hyper Graphs Nikos Paragios 2016-03-23
An Optimal Control Framework for Flight Management Systems Luis Rodrigues 2016-03-18