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 Title   Speaker   When 
Kernel Clustering meets Markov Random Fields Yuri Boykov 2017-05-19
Adaptive and Move Making Auxiliary Cuts for Binary Pairwise Energies Olga Veksler 2017-05-19
Atomic Scale Computer Vision: Rapid Reconstruction of 3D Structure with Cryo-EM Marcus Brubaker 2017-05-12
The Maximum Principle and Symmetry: Integrable Hamiltonian Systems Velimir Jurdjevic 2017-04-06
Modern Image Synthesis: Much more than just pretty pictures Derek Nowrouzezahrai 2017-03-31
A system level approach to controller synthesis Nikolai Matni 2017-03-31
The Perceptual Advantage of Symmetry for Scene Perception Sven Dickinson 2017-03-30
Reinforcement Learning Applications in Power Systems Mohammed Abouheaf 2017-03-24
Distributed Coordination for Network Optimization Jorge Cortes 2017-03-24
4D Graphs for Longitudinal Segmentation Ipek Oguz 2017-03-23
Design and Evaluation of Everyday Interactive Robots Naomi Fitter 2017-03-15
Mean Field Games: An Overview Peter E. Caines 2017-03-10
Consider the Source: In Whose Interests, and How, of Big, Small and Other Data? Exploring data science through wellth* scenarios m.c. schraefel 2017-03-03
Stabilizing and Tracking Periodic Operating Conditions Roger W. Brockett 2017-02-17
Inspection de bâtiments par reconstruction 3D et texturage structuré à l'aide de drones Pierre-Luc St-Charles 2017-02-14
Dynamic Adjustments to Feedback Gains: New Theoretical Tools for Controlling Autonomous Aerospace Systems Maruthi Akella 2017-01-31
Filtering and Stochastic Control in Finance Cody Hyndman 2017-01-27
Denoising and demosaicking of color images Mina Rafinazari 2017-01-26
The Artificial Pancreas: How Closed-Loop Control is Revolutionizing Diabetes Ahmad Haidar 2017-01-20
The Implications of Privacy-Aware Choice Rachel Cummings 2017-01-18