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Samsung Robotics Seminar Series

Towards Reactive Manipulation Skills

Francois Hogan
Samsung Research AI Center

February 20, 2020 at  12:00 AM
Frank Dawson Adams Building, FDA 3


We, as humans, have a remarkable ability to react to unexpected events in day-to-day manipulation tasks. This is in stark contrast to robotic systems that predominantly operate in an open-loop fashion and lack our reactive capabilities. In this talk, I will discuss my work on closing the loop in robotic manipulation, moving towards robots that can better perceive their environment and react to unforeseen situations. I will begin the talk by introducing team MIT-Princeton's award-winning pick-and-place robotic system at the Amazon Robotics Challenge and discuss the limitations associated with its open-loop design. I will then motivate the necessity of reactivity to improve the robustness of robotic manipulation systems as well as long term planning to push the boundaries of dexterous robotic skills. Finally, I will describe recent efforts on developing a framework for tactile dexterity, which leverages tactile feedback for dexterous manipulation using a dual-arm manipulation robotic system.


Francois Hogan is a research scientist at Samsung Research AI Center in Montreal. He received his Ph.D. degree from MIT in 2019 in Mechanical Engineering, and completed his B.Eng. (2013) and M.Eng.(2015) degrees in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University. His primary research focuses on exploiting tactile and visual feedback for robotic manipulation. He has been a leading member of team MIT-Princeton's 1st place finish 2017 at the Amazon Robotics Challenge's Stowing task.
Francois is the recipient of the Presidential Fellowship, awarded to the most outstanding incoming students in the School of Engineering at MIT.

This event will be also webcast live via Zoom.
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