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Interactive Fabrication and Fabrication of Interactive Objects

Huaishu Peng
Cornell University

October 20, 2017 at  10:00 AM
McConnell Engineering Room 437


3D printing technology has been widely applied to produce well-designed non-interactive objects. There is a hope to make both printing outputs and the modeling process more interactive, so that designers can get in-situ tangible feedback to fabricate objects with rich functionalities. To date, however, knowledge accumulated to realize this hope remains limited. In this talk, I will present two lines of research conducted by me and my collaborators at Cornell and Disney Research. The first line of work concerns the fabrication of 3D printed objects that are interactive. I report new techniques for 3D printing with novel materials such as fabric sheet, and how to print one-off functional objects such as sensor and motor. The second line of work aims at facilitating an interactive process of fabrication. I demonstrate a novel interactive fabrication system that allows the designer to create 3D models in AR with a robotic arm fabricates the model in real time and on-site. I will conclude the talk by outlining future research directions built upon my current work.


Huaishu Peng is a PhD candidate in the Computing and Information Science department at Cornell University. His multi-disciplinary research interests range from computational design, robotic fabrication to material innovation. He builds software systems and machine prototypes that make the design and fabrication of 3D models interactive. He also looks into new techniques that can fabricate 3D interactive objects. His work has been published in CHI, UIST and SIGGRAPH as a Best Paper Nominee. His work has been featured by media such as Wired, MIT Technology Review, Techcrunch, and Gizmodo.