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Design, Testing & Integration of Computer Vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Functions

Frank Riggi
Robert Bosch
Plymouth Michigan

August 2, 2017 at  11:55 AM
McConnell Engineering Room 437


From the outside, it may appear that most challenges lie in the design and development of algorithms themselves. However, the algorithm is only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. In this session, we will guide the audience through the journey of launching an end-user function. Some of the key steps are:
· Algorithm refinement
· Implementation in hardware
· Functional testing & in-vehicle integration


Frank Riggi is a software engineer in Driver Assistance at the Chassis Controls division of Robert Bosch in Plymouth, Michigan. Frank works in the video engineering group and primarily focuses on front camera topics for both mono and stereo cameras. He is a graduate of the McGill Research Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM). He earned his Masters of Engineering from McGill University in 2007. His thesis title was "Robust invariant feature correspondence for scene geometry estimates" which related to using the inherent information encoded in invariant features (i.e. scale and affine invariant) that can be used to estimate the Fundamental matrix with fewer than 7 point correspondences.