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Professors Joelle Pineau and Paul Kry awarded Tomlinson Scientist awards!

last modified 2015-06-01 10:57
The Tomlinson Scientist awards were established in honour of the interdisciplinary collaborators Ernest Rutherford (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1908) and Frederick Soddy (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1921), through the generous endowment of a visionary philanthropist, Dr. Richard Tomlinson. The intention of the award is to recognize and support excellence, to recognize and support scientific leadership, particularly the collaborative leadership of a research agenda, and to provide seed money for emerging research directions, including those of an interdisciplinary nature.
Professor Joelle Pineau was awarded the 2014-15 award in the associate professor category, while Professor Paul Kry won the 2013-14 assistant professor award. Both are professors in the School of Computer Science and full members of CIM. Professor Kry's main research interests are computer graphics, physically based animation, skin deformations of articulated characters, motion capture, interaction, and physically based modeling of humans and animals. Professor Pineau is interested in robotics and machine learning and one of her projects is the creation an intelligent wheelchair that is specially designed to assist people with severe mobility impairments, the SmartWheeler. This award recognizes the important work they do, and we are very proud of them. Congratulations Joelle and Paul!