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Gaming camera could aid MS treatment

last modified 2016-08-31 12:33

CIM students led by postdoctoral fellow Farnood Gholami along with supervisor Prof. Jozsef Kovecses have developed a method to detect gait abnormalities in MS patients using a Microsoft Kinect console

New research at the Centre for Intelligent Machines could be a huge step forward in multiple sclerosis detection, and provide an inexpensive means of assessing patients in clinical trials. Researchers in the Applied Dynamics Group are collaborating with the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital to develop a cost-effective and efficient way to detect gait abnormalities in MS patients. Currently, gaits are assessed by clinicians, who could give varying evaluations of the same patient. The use of 3D video detection using an inexpensive gaming console could reduce human error and standardize gait characterization. So far, the device has proved fairly accurate, detecting the difference between MS patients and healthy individuals, and algorithms are able to determine the severity of the gait deterioration. Further research will include clinical trials and use a newer version of the device to improve accuracy.
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