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Congratulations to Andrew Jesson for winning second place at the MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge

last modified 2015-04-21 14:29
The Longitudinal MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge was conducted at the 2015 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging in New York, NY, April 16-19. Competing teams applied their automatic lesion segmentation algorithms to MR neuroimaging data acquired at multiple time points from MS patients. Algorithms were evaluated against manual segmentations from multiple raters in terms of their segmentation accuracy and ability to track lesion evolution. Andrew Jesson from the Probabilistic Vision Group won second prize in the challenge. The paper was titled "Hierarchical MRF and Random Forest Segmentation of MS Lesions and Healthy Tissues in Brain MRI" and was written by Andrew Jesson and Tal Arbel.
What an achievement!
Andrew is an undergraduate student (graduating this term) who has been a SURE student in Prof. Arbel's lab over the last 2 summers and an RA last term. He will be working again in Prof. Arbel's lab at CIM this summer and will join her group as a Master's student in the Fall.
More information on the Challenge can be found at MS Challenge
Bravo once again Andrew!