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GAZETTE: Feb. 20/09: Teaching the World to Sing as One - Live Opera in Cyberspace with CIM's Jeremy Cooperstock

last modified 2009-03-04 11:56

TEACHING THE WORLD TO SING - AS ONE An ambitious experiment at McGill University is trying to bring live opera to cyberspace, through an unlikely pairing of engineers and classical singers. The idea is to simulate what it would be like if each were performing in different countries simultaneously over the Net for millions of spectators. The World Opera Project, the brainchild of Norwegian historian and opera aficionado Niels Lund, who was also on hand for the experiment Wednesday, hopes to be able to broadcast such an online opera by 2012. For the engineers, the project is about serving the artists' technological needs. But opera's jump into 21st century technology would also provide lessons for less challenging cyber-endeavours, improving everything from video conferencing to telesurgery, said Jeremy Cooperstock, an engineer with McGill's Centre for Intelligent Machines.

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