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Former CIMite Julie Payette returns to space

last modified 2008-03-04 13:41

Julie Payette, who pursued studies in a PhD program with Profs. Vincent Hayward and Renato DeMori of CIM, will be aboard the space shuttle Endeavour for a mission planned for April 2009.

Julie will serve as a mission specialist on a six-person crew to bring materials to a laboratory on the International Space Station.

Julie, who is a native of Montreal, first went to space in 1999 on space shuttle Discovery.

On her previous mission, Julie requested that CIM provide a flag that would represent the Centre for Intelligent Machines on board the Discovery. The home-made CIM flag flew on the STS-96 mission and became the focal point for a prestigious talk that was given by Julie at McGill University's Moyse Hall in 2000.

For more information on Julie's future mission click here.