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Congratulations to CIM and REPARTI member Professor Joelle Pineau, featured in Headway Magazine, Summer 2011

last modified 2011-09-30 13:57

Congratulations to Prof. Joelle Pineau, who is both a CIM and REPARTI member! Dr. Pineau's work the Smartwheeler, a smart wheel chair that is designed to help people with disabilities get around, is featured in the Summer 2011 edition of McGill Headway magazine.

Read all about the field project that is planned for this fall. This pilot project, to be held at Alexis-Nihon Plaza in Montreal, will investigate how well the the smart chair can autonomously navigate the shopping centre's busy hallways, and respond to the needs and interests of its occupants. You can find out more about this project, and the "Rehabilitation Living Lab", on Page 2, Bravo!