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CIM Welcomes new Associate Member Professor Paul Kry

last modified 2009-10-26 18:39

We were very pleased that Paul Kry, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, joined CIM as an Associate member this past year.

Professor Kry’s research interests largely involve problems related to computer animation, with an important aspect of the research being the combination of real world measurements, approximate models, and physically based simulation. Recent projects concern interactive simulation of linear elastic objects, animation of locomotion, capture and physically based reuse of interaction, physically based sound synthesis, and skin deformations of articulated characters. His group is specifically interested in simulated motor control of virtual humans and animals, in part, to better understand how humans and animals produce movement, but also to create improved (and interactive) animations of motions such as balance, locomotion, climbing, grasping, and anipulation.

Professor Kry’s Computer Graphics Lab has a twelve camera motion capture system and a collection of force sensors, which allow a wide range of real world scenarios to be measured and used for improving the state of the art in interactive human motion models. His research has a variety of possible applications, including video games, movies, training simulations, ergonomics, and robotics.