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BRAVO to our CIM Precarn Scholars of 2008!

last modified 2007-11-13 11:46

Our CIM Students continue to do us proud. Please join me in congratulating our CIM students who were awarded Precarn scholarships for the year 2008.

Carmen Au * Image Representation (Supervisor: Prof. Jim Clark)

Michele Faragalli * Robotic Controllers (Supervisor: Prof. Inna Sharf)

Stephane Pelletier * Computer Vision (Supervisor: Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock)

Junaed Sattar * Robotics (Supervisor: Prof. Gregory Dudek)

Abdul Razzak Selman * Human Kinematics (Supervisor: Prof. Vincent Hayward)

BRAVO to Carmen, Michele, Stephane, Junaed and Abdul Razzak...we are very proud of you!