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Announcement of Software Architect Position for Social Media Analysis

last modified 2017-08-18 11:52

Position in Shared Reality Lab to develop the infrastructure for an open-source social media analysis engine.

The Shared Reality Lab in the Centre for Intelligent Machines is accepting applications for a software architect to develop the infrastructure for an open-source social media analysis engine. The position (casual research assistant) will run from the date of hire to March 31, 2018 with a work schedule of up to 35 hours per week. Salary will start at $21/hour depending on experience.

As part of a project supported by the Ministère de securité publique collaboration, we are exploring the design of tools for scraping social media feeds for posts of relevance to public safety, to facilitate early detection of events including flooding, highway accidents, road closures, fires, and downed electrical lines. Processing will include semantic analysis of texts and image understanding of photographs, using deep learning architectures already developed for this purpose. The tools are intended to detect anomalous events, raise alerts for human follow-up, and potentially invoke automated social agents to respond, e.g., providing information of value to an original poster who asked a question related to safety preparedness, or thanking posters who provided the location of a fuel leak.

We intend to integrate these tools not only within the existing software ecosystem used by the ministry, but also within a suitable open source framework such as Ushahidi. As part of our research mandate, we expect to publish the results of this project and present the work at international conferences.

  • Implementation of the core social media analysis architecture
  • Addition of semantic analysis and image analysis capabilities, based in large part from existing 3rd party tools
  • Integration of software within Ushahidi framework
  • Database optimization

Required experience:
  • B.Sc or B.Eng., obtained or in progress
  • strong software design and full stack development experience
  • statistics background
  • experience with database programming, e.g., mySQL or MongoDB

Optional, but highly desirable experience:
  • social media ingest or analytics frameworks
  • NodeJS/Javascript development
  • open source development
  • familiarity with administering server tools in a Linux environment

To apply:

If interested and qualified, please email the following items to Jeremy Cooperstock:

1. A brief summary of qualifications for this project and relevant experience
2. Names and email addresses of two or more references
3. CV with links to project portfolios