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CIM paper wins CHI award

last modified 2006-04-29 13:20

A paper authored by researchers at McGill's CIM and UBC (jointly) won a best of CHI award in 2006 at the prestigious conference

The paper A Role for Haptics in Mobile Interaction: Initial Design Using a Handheld Tactile Display Prototype by Joseph Luk, University of British Columbia, Jérôme Pasquero, McGill University, Shannon Little, University of British Columbia, Karon MacLean, University of British Columbia, Vincent Lévesque, McGill University, and Vincent Hayward, McGill University, was one of 3 winners of CHI 2006 Best Papers, awarded by SIGCHI.

The abstract follows. Mobile interaction can potentially be enhanced with well- designed haptic control and display. However, advances have been limited by a vicious cycle whereby inadequate haptic technology obstructs inception of vitalizing applications. We present the first stages of a systematic design effort to break that cycle, beginning with specific usage scenarios and a new handheld display platform based on lateral skin stretch. Results of a perceptual device characterization inform mappings between device capabilities and specific roles in mobile interaction, and the next step of hardware re-engineering.

The whole paper is available in PDF form.